Social Mission@St Ignatius

The Social Mission of the Church belongs to all of us. It is an essential part of what is to be a believer.

Social Mission@St Ignatius animates and facilitates greater consciousness and the living out of the social dimension of our Faith. It serves to create greater awareness of Catholic Social Teaching and to promote, encourage and facilitate participation in social mission activities and programmes.

Social Mission@St Ignatius is the point of contact for social mission initiatives and programmes in St Ignatius Church. It helps to explore and facilitate “new” initiatives in our parish and provide guidance and protocol and processes.

Social Mission@St Ignatius endeavors to:


  • Information on Works of Charity in the parish
  • Inform on resources on Works of Charity and Catholic Social Teaching beyond the parish
  • Information on volunteer opportunities

Catholic Social Teaching (CST)

  • Caritas Formation programmes
  • CST talks and workshops etc

To Catholic Charities (Caritas and Caritas’affiliates etc)

  • Agape Village
  • Catholic Welfare Services
  • Other Volunteer Welfare Organisations

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