Weekend Catechetical Programme (WeCat)

The goal of our catechetical programme is to guide young people into relationship with Jesus Christ and the Church; initiating the young person into the entire Christian life, which culminates in their participation in community and mission

Our focus towards catechesis is not merely on sacramental preparation, although full participation in the programme leads the young person through the sacraments of initiation (reconciliation, eucharist and confirmation) and beyond, into the formation of Small Christian Communities within our Parish Youth Community (De Vita Christi).

The Weekend Catechetical Programme is especially suited for children and youth from Primary 1 to Secondary 4, in the local school system, as our calendar follows closely the Ministry of Education's school year, i.e. January to November. (NOTE: If you are looking for a programme better suited to international schools operating on the northern hemisphere school year, i.e. September to May, please take a look at our CCD Programme).

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Catechetical Coordinators:
Overall Coordinator:
Jeremy Aloysius

Primary Level Coordinator: 
Catherine Ong

Secondary Level Coordinator (Sec 1 & 2):
Susan Ng

Admin Coordinators:
Chua Ik Hwa

Claudine Rodrigues